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A&J Steel Reinforcing Services Inc.
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Antoinette Greenlee, President
Antoinette Greenlee was born and Raised in New Mexico. Antoinette grew up in the construction industry. Antoinette started her career operating a small reinforcing business in 1995. Antoinette focused on growing and expanding the company to a multi-state corporation in her to 16 year management. Antoinette's vast knowledge and over 16+ years experience helped her decide to open up a company of her own. Antoinette has very strong work ethic and is involved in all aspects of her organization including the bidding process, accounting, and field management.
About A&J Steel Reinforcing Services Inc.
A&J Steel is an independent Company in New Mexico and surrounding states.  

A&J Steel Reinforcing Services Inc. is family-owned and operated in Los Lunas, NM. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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"Our main goals are to have competitive pricing for our customers to help them remain a strong presence in these hard economic times"

" Providing the best possible Quality for our customers is our Promise"
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